What is Part of the Miracle?

On September 23rd, 2011 Gabe Lewis lost his 28-year-old wife, Lindsay, to pneumonia after a 10-day stint in the hospital. The two were high school sweethearts and had spent the last 13 years together. In 2009 they welcomed their first child, Brody, into this world and in 2010, they welcomed sweet baby Cash.

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  • Gabe Lewis

    I am a one time widower that is now married to my favorite person in the world and we are accompanied by our 3 beautiful children.

  • Lindsey Lewis

    I am a daughter of the one true King, widow to an amazing husband and mom to a most precious baby girl. To say the least, I have been blessed! I eagerly await my prepared room! I know the way to the place I am going!

  • Scott Jamison

    Widower, Father of Two and Heartbroken - On October 4th, 2012, Michele Bergman Jamison, the love of my life and the most amazing mother to ever grace this earth has passed beyond this world to hold the hand of God. She fought against insurmountable odds for weeks but wasn't able to continue the fight any longer. Please pray for her and our children as well as her parents, sisters, brothers ad the rest of our family. Michele, I adore and love you. My life will never be as full as it has been with you and my children. I know in my heart that you will always be with me and that we will be together again. Love, always and forever.

  • Hilary Trottier

    I am a Christian, army wife, mother of 2, speech language pathologist turned stay at home mom, and one who is constantly trying to find simplicity

  • Kelly Sobieski

    I am a mother of two and married to the love of my life. I love candid photography and old fashioned books- the kind with pages that turn. But most of all, I love Jesus and the countless ways He has turned my life upside-down and shown me up close and personal what it means to live a life of abundance through Him.

  • J C

    Just a girl, with a heart transformed by Jesus, trying to follow Him. Thankful to be on this journey with an incredible man as my husband and best friend. Not always certain where God's leading us, but we sure don't want to be anywhere He's not. Excited to meet all the people He's put in our path along the way, hear their stories, and give Jesus the glory.

  • Audrey Andrews

    Hi there! My name is Audrey Andrews. I'm a Christian; wife to a loving husband named Cameron; mother to three precious children, almost 6, 4 1/2 and 1 and full-time stay-at-home mom and part-time decorator. I became a Christian in 1991 at a young age. I battled with night terrors on a regular basis. I recall having horrible dreams that often woke me up and left me very fearful. In January of 1991, my mom took me to see our pastor. It was during our appointment together that he led me to the Lord. He asked if I believed in our Savior, Jesus Christ. He held out his hand and asked that I put my hand in his as a demonstration of faith. I recall really thinking this over for a moment. I took his hand, prayed my salvation prayer and haven't been the same since. I truly believe that God speaks to us in and through more ways than we know. He speaks through a beautiful sunrise.. the kind that you can't even name all of the colors. You just know it is the most amazing sight. No matter how many pictures you take, every single new picture is better than the last. You don't even know how or why, but God is revealing that bit of glory... right there and then. He is revealed in moments with our children when they unexpectedly say something witty or profound. It causes us to step back and reflect- and ask, "did I just hear that?!" His provision is magnificent and timely. I see Him when He reveals scripture at just the right time- when you don't even know what is coming next. He may have even shown us a verse a month ago... then we look back and go... ahhh, HE knew all along. Constant reminders... Amen y'all! I'm one of those gals that grew up straight-laced and always saying, "NO!" to the "bad" stuff. I often said never will I _____. Y'all fill in the blank. I'm learning more and more that we should rarely say, "NEVER." Often, that is where God will teach us the most. I definitely made mistakes as we all do and believe it or not... it is okay! :) I have to keep reminding myself of that every day. We are forgiven... Audrey, you are forgiven. I love to read and I am realizing that there are definitely areas that I am ready to grow...ready to accept the challenges before me. I also love listening to Christian music. My favorite station is Shane and Shane. Their lyrics speak truth. I'm thankful. I'm grateful. I'm nothing without God. I look forward to freely expressing my little thoughts on Part of the Miracle. A big thanks to Gabe for putting this together. What sacrifice, what pain and grief... but what an amazing revealing of God's love and plan.

  • Razan Valle

    I am a fairly new Christian. I was born and raised a Muslim, and my mother is still a practicing Muslim. My life was never centered around understanding God or learning His message, but rather obeying and performing daily rituals. I found Jesus Christ when I was 16, and after the initial discovery and new love in my heart, I neglected my journey to Him. Until now. I am yearning and NEEDING to be closer to Him. I am here to share my personal journey, but more importantly, to learn from everyone on here who as experienced, learned, and can inspire.

  • Jason Milleur

    I work for CRU in Ioannina Greece where I tell students at the university about Jesus on a daily basis.

  • Laura Marshall

    I am a mother of 4, widowed on July 18th, 2010. I lost my very best friend, my love, Jody, on that day, and each day since has been a journey to find happiness again.

  • Judy Terrell

  • Michelle Kirkpatrick

    I am a daughter of the King, a pastor's wife, a mother to one biological son and two precious foster daughters.

  • Lisa Jones