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I am a mother of 4, widowed on July 18th, 2010. I lost my very best friend, my love, Jody, on that day, and each day since has been a journey to find happiness again.

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Faith, Hope and Love

A lot of time has passed since I even looked at this website much less thought about writing again. I have found many outlets in which to vent, cry, share happiness and sadness with the ”world”. I came into this site to feel free to grieve. To hopefully find some peace and maybe even inspire [&hellip

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love of a lifetime…

I met my husband on February 22, 1997…from that day on, we literally were only a part from one another for a few days at the most. He became my best friend, my lover, my everything. We had a family together and were blessed beyond measure. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer on July 7th [&hellip

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