Call This Mom

When Lindsey and I first met, we knew we had one specific, common ground, the obvious one, the one that brought us together. Anyone who knows me, knows I talk a lot for guy and anyone who knows my lovely bride, knows, well… She talks a lot for a girl. From hello, we never struggled [&hellip

Circus Truth

Flips, handstands, back bends, hanging upside down, and climbing to the ceiling….all done on bright colorful silks. This was Circus Training. Our teacher would demonstrate the trick, break things down step-by-step and then we’d attempt to do what she’d made look ridiculously easy. We laughed and giggled and hung-on for dear life as we attempted [&hellip

Searching for Joy

I’ve never been addicted to drugs or alcohol. My addiction was chasing a ”high”. It was the closest thing to being alive that I could experience. My highs came at a young age when I did something bad and got away with it. They rolled over into getting piercings and a tattoo, which turned into [&hellip

A Father

Little chubby fingers grabbed at the beautiful glass cover encasing the delicious angel food cake that had been tempting eager eyes throughout dinner. We all held our breath slightly as the little hands lifted the glass up and held it precariously over the floor. Right on cue the Father asked the small one to put [&hellip

Without Expectation

A friend that I highly admire told me a story about ”Sarah”. Sarah suffered a stroke and lives in a nursing home. She is surrounded with men and women who are a good twenty years older than she is. Every day Sarah would be sitting in her wheel chair in the exact same spot. Every [&hellip

I Need More

When I first met my wife, I was in love. I was in a relationship that I wanted to give my whole life to something. I was in no place to love another woman. I was perfectly content, happy, in love with what I had… I was lying there with my back on the ground, [&hellip

…As Charged.

I got a message from a dear friend today and it struck something in me… Something that has become my way of life. It affects me. It affects just about everyone. ”I wish I had done this.” ”I wish I had done that.” ”I wish I had said this or that.” ”I wish I were [&hellip

On a Mission

Do I really know the Word? Can God really use me? These are the questions that I kept asking myself before traveling to Brazil. We headed south for a 10 day, medical, dental, and children’s ministry mission. The team consisted of 18 doctors, nurses, dentists, hygienists, children loving, God loving people. Not one of our [&hellip

Self Help

Worry, fear, insecurity, trust, hurt, anxiety… Every one of those words deals with thoughts. Lord knows I have a lot of thoughts. Not all of them are rational and actually lately, most of them would fall under the irrational category. Whether it is worrying about my future… uncontrollable… I should know that from my past. [&hellip

I lied…

The day Lindsay died I had this overwhelming support. I must of had an overwhelming amount of grace being poured on me too because I was able to muster up this post that night… ’Gabe Lewis September 23, 2011 near McKinney, TX via mobile Added note: please don’t feel sorry for me. God has his [&hellip