Circus Truth

Flips, handstands, back bends, hanging upside down, and climbing to the ceiling….all done on bright colorful silks. This was Circus Training. Our teacher would demonstrate the trick, break things down step-by-step and then we’d attempt to do what she’d made look ridiculously easy. We laughed and giggled and hung-on for dear life as we attempted [&hellip

Searching for Joy

I’ve never been addicted to drugs or alcohol. My addiction was chasing a ”high”. It was the closest thing to being alive that I could experience. My highs came at a young age when I did something bad and got away with it. They rolled over into getting piercings and a tattoo, which turned into [&hellip

A Father

Little chubby fingers grabbed at the beautiful glass cover encasing the delicious angel food cake that had been tempting eager eyes throughout dinner. We all held our breath slightly as the little hands lifted the glass up and held it precariously over the floor. Right on cue the Father asked the small one to put [&hellip

Without Expectation

A friend that I highly admire told me a story about ”Sarah”. Sarah suffered a stroke and lives in a nursing home. She is surrounded with men and women who are a good twenty years older than she is. Every day Sarah would be sitting in her wheel chair in the exact same spot. Every [&hellip

A New Beginning

In 10 days, I will marry my best friend. After finally completing my education, I was getting anxious to take the next big step in life. When Erik proposed, I was elated, and finally felt that I belonged somewhere, forever. I am now faced with so many worries…worries that I will disappoing my new husband [&hellip


I want to start by informing you of how things are in Greece. We have been on campus daily for the past 3 weeks. We have been meeting people daily and sharing the gospel in those conversations. I must admit at first I was trying to have philosophical debates with the Greeks. The inventors of [&hellip

Some things that have been happening this week

Hello, I’m Jason. Friends with Gabe since elementary. I wanted to post some things about my lie here as I work for Campus Crusade here in Ioannina Greece. Last week we started meeting with people on the university campus. I have to admit that I was very nervous. This is the first time in my [&hellip

How it Began

My story begins when I was born, December 25th, 1984. It was a Tuesday in Amman, Jordan. My parents, both Muslim-born and raised, brought up my three siblings and I to be kind and loving, and to think of others. We had a great and normal childhood. During my 6th grade year, they decided that [&hellip

My first post

Hello, My name is Jason Milleur. Gabe and I have been friends for 15 years and I knew Lindsay since I was a young boy. I have been fortunate enough to have known Gabe in the good times and the bad. I currently work for CRU in Ioannina Greece where I meet with students on [&hellip