Beauty from the Ashes

Keith’s condition was so bad for so long. Like, bad. Really, really bad. Yet I continued to hope and believe that God would heal him. Keith would make progress in one area only to decline in a different area. For the most part it seemed that with each step forward, it was five steps back. [&hellip

In the Blink of an Eye…

My name is Judy and this is a story about God’s faithfulness in my life. I met Keith in 1999. We were college sweethearts and he was my perfect match. I loved everything about him and if I had been given the opportunity to change anything about him or about us or about our life [&hellip

8 Reasons Facebook is Female Porn

I feel like a drug addict in rehab. This is day 2 of 30 (baby steps) of removing the Facebook app off my phone. The twitching will start at any time. Having to walk to our home office to actually log on to Facebook on a desktop computer has been quite the experience. The daily [&hellip

The Power Couple

So here we are, the closing of our special day. Something I hope to write about one day. It was perfect… for us! We were now married! We sent the doves into flight and got into the car and headed to Dallas to make our exit from the country! Gabe and I were sharing stories [&hellip

A Sprinkle of Perfect Days

Not sure if your family is like mine but it seems to be the case in mine that someone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed every day. Whether it is one of my beautiful, full of life, full of energy, ready to explore the entire world in a millisecond, children. To my [&hellip

I Need More (Her Side)

After Scott passed away, my house was filled with friends and family for months. I literally had someone visit me, eat with me, drop off food, spend the night, cry with me, or just sit in silence with me every single day for three and a half months. The love, help and support were incredible [&hellip

Engaged While Celebrating Nine Years of Marriage

Say what? How can this possibly be? How could it possibly happen to me? As strange as it sounds in your head, it’s possibly even stranger in mine. Here is my best effort to explain how much Scott (and Lindsay) is a part of my life. “‘Til death do us part” was part of my [&hellip

Sweet Baby Royal Reese

Not too many people know this story… It took Scott and I about five months to get pregnant with Presley. Which if you had or are having trouble getting pregnant (more than a month) you know how scary that can be. We knew from the day we got married, we wanted to have kids. Scott [&hellip

Deepest Cuts in my Heart

Someone very wise told me today that God won’t set my path ablaze for me to follow. I have been waiting here for answers and they won’t come. He told me, ”You have to make decisions in life and know that God is with you and guiding you along the way. Where would faith come [&hellip

Scared to Breathe

Who would have thought my life would pretty much be summed up in a Dr. Suess book? I bought ”Oh, the Places You’ll Go” for Presley the other day and was taken back by the story. So the story goes like this: Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and [&hellip