Spiritual Growth

8 Reasons Facebook is Female Porn

I feel like a drug addict in rehab. This is day 2 of 30 (baby steps) of removing the Facebook app off my phone. The twitching will start at any time. Having to walk to our home office to actually log on to Facebook on a desktop computer has been quite the experience. The daily [&hellip

Call This Mom

When Lindsey and I first met, we knew we had one specific, common ground, the obvious one, the one that brought us together. Anyone who knows me, knows I talk a lot for guy and anyone who knows my lovely bride, knows, well… She talks a lot for a girl. From hello, we never struggled [&hellip

Thank You, God, For the Rain

He covers the sky with clouds; he supplies the earth with rain and makes grass grow on the hills. Psalm 147:8 I glanced out the window at the dark clouds and pouring down rain trying to remember why I had picked a spot so far from the door. The big red umbrella that would have [&hellip

Circus Truth

Flips, handstands, back bends, hanging upside down, and climbing to the ceiling….all done on bright colorful silks. This was Circus Training. Our teacher would demonstrate the trick, break things down step-by-step and then we’d attempt to do what she’d made look ridiculously easy. We laughed and giggled and hung-on for dear life as we attempted [&hellip

Searching for Joy

I’ve never been addicted to drugs or alcohol. My addiction was chasing a ”high”. It was the closest thing to being alive that I could experience. My highs came at a young age when I did something bad and got away with it. They rolled over into getting piercings and a tattoo, which turned into [&hellip

A Father

Little chubby fingers grabbed at the beautiful glass cover encasing the delicious angel food cake that had been tempting eager eyes throughout dinner. We all held our breath slightly as the little hands lifted the glass up and held it precariously over the floor. Right on cue the Father asked the small one to put [&hellip

The Lie I Almost Bought

My eyes were brimming and I had nothing to catch the slow motion cascade that was coming. I’ve never been more thankful for sunglasses that know just how to hide the hurt. As I drove home, this unexpected release was evidence of a storm on the inside. A shaky “help,” escaped my lips as the [&hellip

Without Expectation

A friend that I highly admire told me a story about ”Sarah”. Sarah suffered a stroke and lives in a nursing home. She is surrounded with men and women who are a good twenty years older than she is. Every day Sarah would be sitting in her wheel chair in the exact same spot. Every [&hellip


How does a heart survive a storm? I certainly don’t know how. A storm can stomp a heart, shatter it even, but it is possible for a heart to break and still survive. This I know with every thread of my soul. This I know. This is not a post about God picking up the [&hellip

The Power Couple

So here we are, the closing of our special day. Something I hope to write about one day. It was perfect… for us! We were now married! We sent the doves into flight and got into the car and headed to Dallas to make our exit from the country! Gabe and I were sharing stories [&hellip