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My name is Jason Milleur. Gabe and I have been friends for 15 years and I knew Lindsay since I was a young boy. I have been fortunate enough to have known Gabe in the good times and the bad. I currently work for CRU in Ioannina Greece where I meet with students on a regular basis and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Gabe has ask me to post on here so that I can give you an insight to missions. Gabe and I have been on simultaneous spiritual journeys and have been able to encourage each other in dark times and fellowship.

I knew that I didn’t want to work a 9-5 forever. I would pray daily for God to change my situation or give me a job I loved, to win the lottery or just give me a different perspective. The Lord had been working in my life since I was 28 years old and I knew that I wanted to serve Him in some capacity. I also knew that I loved missions and would jump at the opportunity to do it. The Lord had prepared my heart to go by putting me through the ”Grind for God.” I lead bible studies, volunteered weekly at a coffee shop that gave out free food, and I partook in a year long bible study about discipleship. This was all done while working a full time job.

After some time I learned that I was happy to work my job even though it didn’t truly give me satisfaction. I gave me a solid paycheck but God had taught me that all this world’s money is His and is a tool to advance His Kingdom. I was content in being single and loved that God would work in me despite all my wretchedness. I just felt peace with the Lord.

Finally I was asked to join a team in Ioannina Greece to do mission work with the University here in the city. This was April of this year (2012). The only catch was that I had to raise $45000 in 2 months so that I could go. I never thought I could do it but remember, it’s all God’s money and he can do anything. So for the sake of brevity I was able to raise the funds I needed and I am here.

This was not done on a whim though. I gave up fantastic community, family, a good job, living in a great city, and the comforts of home to come here. The decision to do this is not to be taken lightly. God had to really prepare my heart to go and if I wasn’t 100% in this I don’t think I could have gone.

If God is calling you to do something, what’s stopping you? He owns everything and if you put him first he can make things happen that you never imagined. Sometime things don’t work out for the best and there is some pain and suffering involved. But the rewards for being obedient to the Lord definitely outweigh the suffering.

Thanks for reading if you did. Grace be to you in your life whether you know Him or not.

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