Prayers Requests

To: Mary Ellen

Subject: deathOct 25th, 2012

She lost her husband of 40+ years to medical problems. Pray for her and her children.

To: Pennie

Subject: cancerOct 25th, 2012

Please pray for our aunt who has been battling cancer for a while and has reappeared stronger. Peace, grace and comfort (physically, emotionally and spiritually).

To: The Browns!home/mainPage

Subject: I was born and mommie still in hospital. Oct 24th, 2012

Bringing Home the Browns

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To: The Shearrer Family

Subject: Tragic LossOct 15th, 2012

Please pray for the Shearrer Family. The father was senselessly murdered on Wednesday after trying to render aid... leaving behind his wife and two sons. Pray that his death will be a time for awakening- a time for the Spirit to respond and grow His Kingdom.

To: To Anonymous

Subject: AbortionOct 15th, 2012

Please know that you are loved. Please seek wisdom and guidance. God has forgiven you. No sin is too big. Every single person is a sinner all the same. God has you in His hands and will help you through this. Seek help from those that you trust and love. He will not let you down. Carenet may be a great source for you. See the link. For God can use us in our weaknesses for HIS GREATNESS.

To: Anonymous

Subject: AbortionOct 14th, 2012

I had an abortion yesterday. Now, I regret it more than words can express. At church today, I felt like I had no right to be there. I feel like I have no right to speak to God. I feel so ashamed and sinnful and remorseful and awful. Please pray that God can forgive me and that I can forgive myself. I am currently having the worst day of my life.

To: To several "Presley's"

Subject: Loss of fathersOct 11th, 2012

In the past year there has been 3 sweet "Presley's" that have lost the daddy's. Please Lord watch over these sweet angels as they walk through life without their earthly dads.

To: Laci Tucker Wardell

Subject: Loss of spouseOct 11th, 2012

Please pray for my good friend who lost her husband in a car accident. She is has two children. She needs continued grace and comfort from our Heavenly Father!