I want to start by informing you of how things are in Greece. We have been on campus daily for the past 3 weeks. We have been meeting people daily and sharing the gospel in those conversations. I must admit at first I was trying to have philosophical debates with the Greeks. The inventors of philosophy. Needless to say there is not much power in my words. Upon a suggestion by a believing Greek student though, she said that I should begin using The Word instead of my own words. She encouraged me to share what Jesus said and not what I believe. Even though it is in Him I believe. Well I have to say that this week has been the most successful week my team and I have had in terms of sharing the gospel. It continually reminds me that it is not by my own works that people or my self are saved but by God’s grace and His word. I’m very encouraged by this I hope that you are too. The Lord has brought me all the way to Greece to show me that I should have been sharing the gospel on a daily basis in America. God has me here for now but I was always apprehensive about sharing the good news when I was in the States. After doing it regularly on campus for the past 3 weeks I know now that it is not as bad as I thought and it never is. I encourage you to be praying continually for the opportunities to share the gospel and when you do use God’s word. It gives life if we believe and that is an absolute truth..

At this moment we have 2 prayer requests. The university is on strike for the week and we will not be able to go on campus to meet with students. Please pray for the the students that we have met and the ability to follow up with them. Please pray that God will open their hearts and that we can be obedient while pursuing them for Christ. Please pray for our boldness and effectiveness when we preach the gospel. Pray that we can come out of ”LOVE”! Out of love more than anything. Secondly, in our ministry we have many women who have received the word and are pursuing after the Lord. Women have always been and still are very receptive to the gospel. That’s why I ask that you pray for men to become a part of our ministry. We need men to be raised up as leaders for Christ so that there can be a balance. We have very few Greek men in our ministry and I pray daily for God to send the men who would begin to lead. The ones who want to be a part of making the Lord’s name famous among the nations. These are urgent needs and need to be bathed in prayer. Please remember this when you are praying for us and as you make your life a daily prayer to the Lord.

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