Sweet Baby Royal Reese


Not too many people know this story…

It took Scott and I about five months to get pregnant with Presley. Which if you had or are having trouble getting pregnant (more than a month) you know how scary that can be. We knew from the day we got married, we wanted to have kids. Scott wanted two and I wanted four. I have always believed that is because he came from a family of two and I came from a family of four. So we inattentively agreed on three. But I would always agrue the ”middle child syndrome” point. The last couple months of Scott’s life, he would no longer say three. He said, ”let’s take one day at a time. We have one. Let’s enjoy the blessing that she is. Then we will try for another and see how two goes. And then another. And then… well we will just see how it goes” with a smirk on his face.

Starting March 2011, we decided to start trying to have another baby. I wish Scott was here to be able to tell you, that I drive everything into the ground. It can’t just be let’s just have fun and see how it goes. I am one that researches it to death. Sends texts throughout the week of random information I have received about things you can only imagine. HAHA! I would make it no longer fun! It was now a job! GAME ON! Baby #2 is in the plans!

Well, right on schedule I started my cycle after the first month of trying. I didn’t think anything of it. Until, it didn’t stop. I was having a miscarriage. I remember my doctor coming in and telling me the news that I had already prepared for. She handled the situation with lots of love and tact. I remember calling Scott on my way home and him too being so concerned for me. I was actually ok. I remember thinking and saying to very few people, ”well, if I am not suppose to raise him/her, the only other person I would want to do that is Christ!” I went to the doctor many times during that 2-3 month period and had to give blood once a week to make sure my hCG levels were coming down.

During this time, I was reading the book ”Heaven is For Real.” I got to the part where the little boy says he has two sisters. His mom is a bit confused and says ”no, you just have one sister.” The little boy says, ”no you had a baby die in your tummy.” The story goes on and the mom asks what her name was. The little boy says, ”she doesn’t have a name. You didn’t name her.”

So of course, you know me… I immediately call Scott at work! I told him the story and insisted that we have to name our little angel. We both agreed this was important, not just to me but to Scott too! It needed to be a name that could be for a boy or a girl because we didn’t know the sex. We tossed a few names around for a few days and then decided on Royal Reese. Royal in honor of my Grandpa Royal Mahlum and Reese because it had a nice ring to it and kept with the Presley Paige double letter thing we had going on.

March 20, is the day we believe Royal Reese became alive in more ways than one! Scott and I also learned that Royal means ”of the King.” Reese means ”running.” It fit our little angel perfectly. He/she couldn’t wait to get there. Couldn’t wait to get to heaven. Why take a pit stop here when you can go straight there! No need to waste any time! Wise little one! This earthly stuff isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be.

Eight months later, Scott joins him/her! Scott got to meet Royal Reese! What an amazing gift it must have been for Scott to still get to be a daddy when he got to heaven! I can’t imagine how excited Royal was to meet his/her daddy as well! The reunion, or should I say greeting, must have been magnificent. Arms wide open welcoming!

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with Presley, I knew it was a girl! When I found out about this little guy, I had a hunch it was a boy! BUT… I won’t get to find that out until the day I become alive!

I look forward to celebrating and worshiping with the both of you!

In His Grip,


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  1. Razan
    Posted 03/24/2013 at 5:13 PM at 5:13 PM | Permalink

    What a beautiful story! You are such a strong woman, and I only pray that I can one day be as strong as you are. Thank you for sharing!

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