Through Ups and Downs


”… his heart is steadfast, trusting the Lord
His heart is tranquil, without fear.”
Psalm 112:7b – 8a

I like to say that in the military, nothing is final until you get your orders… and even those can change. It seems that we are always waiting to know what our next job will be, when we will move again, where we will move, etc. Right now we are in that state of flux. We are waiting on two different programs that Kyle has applied to. We will find out where we will be going in May. I’m ok with that. I’m just waiting to see what God has in store for us. Well, that was the plan until yesterday. Yesterday, I got a call from my husband in Afghanistan. He had been offered a job that would start on 1 May. That meant that he would return from the deployment early and we would move right away. It was to a location that was not even on our radar and it was a job that we never thought we would be offered. But was it the right job for us? It would be long hours and lots of traveling for Kyle. It’s not idea when you are coming home from a deployment. These verses popped into my mind as I waited for Kyle to make his decision (he had 24 hours to decide). I focused all day to trust that the right decision would be made and to be at peace about whatever that decision would be. I wasn’t fearful, but excited. I noticed that I could focus more on Him and His peace and plan than on the what-ifs. It was so wonderful.

And… in the end… Kyle respectfully declined the job and we are still waiting… until May… unless something else comes up in the meantime. :o )

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